Personality Development

Don’t create yourself, discover yourself and the hidden skills and talent that you possess.

Course Duration

12 months

Course Description

This course is designed to push you beyond your comfort zone. Don’t worry, all of the tasks are very easy, they are just unusual.

Remember those times, when you wanted to say NO, but said Yes! Or You spent hours in front of mirror thinking what went wrong? Or You thought, how are you not fitting with the society or you lag behind?

Well this course, has addressed all such issues that we face in our daily lives.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding the value of first impression
  • Accepting the everyday challenges
  • Be able to say NO, if they don’t want to say Yes
  • Learning creative thinking
  • Being able to love yourself
  • Identifying day to day communication mistakes
  • General etiquette which matter the most
  • How to be likeable
  • Being able to be comfortable even in an uncomfortable situation
  • Learning more about Life Skills