Communication Skills

Upgrade your skills to the information age by discovering how to lead using information, communication & control.

Course Duration

12 months

Course Description

Our course is the only one built on the 21st Century science of cybernetics (the science of communication and control).  We have used this incredibly powerful science to provide you with 21 clear, practical and powerful communication tools.

By attending this course you will discover one of the key secrets of the 21st Century leaders; the fundamental relationship between communication & control. Just like finance ensures the smooth running of a team or organisation by organising the flow of money, advanced communication skills organise the flow of information throughout the organisation. By attending this course, you will

Discover 21 advanced communication tools that are specifically designed to help leaders communicate in today’s complex, uncertain and rapidly-changing world.

Dramatically improve your ability to think clearly, communicate concisely and learn quickly.

Master the control cycle & upgrade your ability to perform the 5 crucial leadership activities of setting goals, planning, communicating, implementing and learning.

This course will teach you

  • Primary principals of communication
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to get proper implementation
  • How to improve planning & decision making using communication skills
  • How to improve unity & trust using communication skills
  • how to engage people using communication skills