CMA Foundation

A Complete course to understand concepts and solve mathematical problems at ease

Course Duration

12 months

Course Description

Welcome to this course Foundation for CMA Foundation Exams

In this course, you will learn about

a) Ratios

b) Proportions

c) Indices

d) Equations

e) Arithmetic Progression

This course is structured in self paced learning style.  All efforts have been taken to ensure adequate number of problems are covered to equip you for CMA Foundation exams.

Paper 1: fundamentals of economics and management (fem) 
Section a: fundamentals of economics 50%
Section b: fundamentals of management 50%

Paper 2: fundamentals of accounting (foa) 
Section a: fundamentals of financial accounting 80% 
Section b: fundamentals of cost accounting 20%

Paper 3: fundamentals of laws and ethics (fle) 
Section a: fundamentals of commercial laws 70%
Section b: fundamentals of ethics 30%

Paper 4: fundamentals of business mathematics and statistics (fbms) 
Section a: fundamentals of business mathematics 40% 
Section b: fundamentals of business statistics 60%