Analytical Skills

Learn an analytics-based approach to making strategic decisions for your organization with examples

Course Duration

12 months

Course Description

This course uniquely combines business strategy scenarios, metrics, advanced analytic approaches, and simplicity of Excel examples for real-world applications.

The course covers Strategic Metrics, Strategic Scenarios, and Strategic Decision Models with downloadable examples in Excel. You will learn techniques and practical tools for selecting the most effective strategic option for your business. You will learn how to quantify your business strategy decision. You will learn how to test strategic scenarios for your business and test various market conditions. You will learn how to construct a Monte-Carlo model in Excel to predict business outcomes in uncertain environments. You will be introduced to the most commonly used strategic metrics and the formulas behind them.

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn practical tools for evaluating business strategies
  • You will learn methods to quantify the business strategy decision
  • You will learn tools for testing strategic scenarios
  • You will learn how to use Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix and SWOT analysis
  • You will learn about Analytical Hierarchical Process in Excel
  • You will learn how to use Monte-Carlo Simulations for business decisions in Excel